According to Article 6 of the constitution of Libya: “The emblem of the state and its national anthem shall be prescribed by law”. The constitution did not explicitly describe its shape or features as Article 7 did for the national flag. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions placed on government archives since the military coup of 1969, it was not possible to obtain the text of the law or royal decree prescribing the design of this emblem. Since many variants of its basic shape in various color schemes have been in circulation, in books and websites, a careful research of official government issues (e.g. bank notes and postal stamps) was necessary. The authentic shape and features of this magnificent symbol, known as the Crown of Libya, is described below.

In the following illustration, details are numbered and described:

  1. Top Crown adorned with a white Crescent and five-pointed star at its summit, at which five visible side frames originating from a ring at the base converge. The star studded base and frame contain a velvet black head cover like object.
  2. The Top Crown is supported at its base by two beautiful plantar designs; in the form of three intertwined C and S scroll shapes.
  3. Two massive “Shoulder” frames contain the body of the crown from the right and left, adding to its distinctive majestic appearance. Each side is a complex formation of intertwined branches in the shape of an S Curve, which is essentially two back-to-back C scrolls; the larger one of which terminates in a large beautiful spiral at the top. It is indeed interesting to note that many dimensions of this design adhere to what is known as the “Golden Ratio” rule, considered by mathematicians and architects to be one of the secrets of beautiful of design, in art and nature *.
  4. The background color of the large interior below the Top Crown can be white or transparent, although this is not evident in the picture of the Libyan pound.
  5. The background color of the center region surrounding the large white Crescent and Star is black as in the center stripe of the Libyan flag.
  6. A white ring with thin black borders, surrounds the center large white Crescent and Star.
  7. Nine five-pointed white stars surround the center ring.
  8. Large white crescent.
  9. Five pointed star located well above the perimeter of the crescent. This differs from the flag, which places the star at the extremities of the crescent.
  10. A Center Crown, seated above the ring containing the Crescent and Star. Its design is identical to the Top Crown, except for being smaller in size.
  11. Plantar/ floral ornamentation similar to #2 above, providing variation and connectivity to the base.
  12. At the base, an elegant design that resembles a document scroll with a ring tie at its center. It is noted that the color scheme of the crown is most likely white for the stars and crescents, black and white (or transparent) for spaces, and gold for the crowns and frames. Clearly therefore, as in the Libyan flag, the emblem of the Kingdom of Libya had been chosen with great care and attention to detail to reflect the national pride, and celebrate the heritage of Libya and its people.